Ferdia Fine Foods make Ferdia Irish chocolate by hand in Ardee, Co. Louth. Bryan Mc Namee is our master chocolatier who has been with us since the very start in 2004. We employ 17 people altogether in production and administration and hope to increase this as our business expands.

When our chocolate first went on the shelves back in 2004, we filled a gap in the market for a higher quality chocolate. Our competitors in the Irish market find it hard to compare their chocolate to ours because ours is of a very high standard and you will notice this the minute you drop one of our mouth watering chocolates into your mouth. We believe one of the reasons why our chocolate tastes so good is because we only use VALRHONA chocolate in our recipes which gives our chocolate its distinctive luxurious taste.

We are also part of the Oriel Food Group which is a coming-together of fine food producers from the ancient lands of Oriel. The group is made up of expert individuals and businesses from the north-east of Ireland who share a drive to produce the finest foods using only the best ingredients, techniques and processes. Members of the group have been celebrated nationally and internationally, having won many awards for the quality, taste and integrity of the food they produce. You can find out more about the Oriel Food Group here: www.orielfoodgroup.ie

We rebranded from Danucci to Ferdia Irish artisan chocolates in March of 2013. We renamed our chocolates after the legend warrior “Ferdia” and because Ardee translates as “Baile Átha Fhirdhia” in Irish.

A little bit of history...

Ferdia, the renowned warrior is known for fighting Cúchulainn, the defender of Ulster in The Battle of the Ford. Cúchulainn, warrior and defender of Ulster, opposed the advances of Queen Maebh of Connaught who was progressing east with her army to steal the famous Brown Bull of Cooley. In the army of Queen Maebh only Ferdia was a warrior strong and skilful enough to face Cúchulainn. But Ferdia and Cúchulainn having being fostered together as children were true friends and Ferdia did not wish to fight.

Knowing this, Queen Maebh put Ferdia under a géas (spell) and tricked him into fighting his comrade Cúchulainn. “They fought at the Ford for four days with such ferocity and skill that it was not seen before in this land”, while at night they would eat together as brothers and tend each others wounds, Cúchulainn begging Ferdia not to continue. On the fourth day, Ferdia struck the first major blow but was slain by the greater might of Cúchulainn. Cúchulainn carried Ferdia’s body to the northern bank of the River, where the waters swelled and turned red with blood and bitter tears.

Ferdia was given a royal burial at a large mound to the east of the ford on the southern bank of the River Dee, the mound intact until the end of the 19th century.

Today a statue of Cúchulainn carrying Ferdia is situated close to the river as a tribute to the brave warriors.

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